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it is always so easy in hotel rooms with their dark curtains to sleep until noon. my habit lately has been to get out of bed by 9 at the latest and often as early as 7 (which of course necessitates my going to bed at absurdly early hours to catch my minimum requirement of 10.5 hours of sleep) so am feeling a bit decadent to be sitting here in my sweats, sipping coffee with the "do not disturb" sign still on my door at a quarter to 1.

here's a question. on an extended stay, how much do you tip hotel housekeeping staff? where do you leave the money? I'm here for six nights. when I was growing up either tipping the "maid" was not customary or my parents did not know that it was. one of the many urban social niceties I did not learn from my farm-bred folks. not to put them down for it. that's just how it was.

and if I take the shuttle to the airport how much do I tip the driver? the airport is about 12 miles away, if that is a factor.

I'm going to take two days off and then start grading papers. I have papers with me. joy. they won't be that bad really but the mental block I have about the process is a real bear.

in the meantime. is there a Macys in Seattle yet? do I want a Bimbo's burrito for lunch? they would be in opposite directions. maybe I want to go to the REI mother ship. one can always use more thick socks especially when one has ridiculously tiny feet.

maybe I will show up at the Sunset Tavern this evening. I am car-less but bus brave. taxi brave too when the buses stop running.

this is the first time I've been in a city I know well, completely on my own for days at a time! I'm kind of excited! I can do anything I want and I have some idea of just what is worth doing! I wonder if I could get to Discovery Park before sundown. I'd only have a few hours.

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