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the ad-hoc vacation continues

making it up as I go along: yesterday I took a stroll through the men's department at the Bon-Macys where they now accept my Macys card which I brought suspecting precisely that. I found one pair of pants and one shirt and if it isn't raining too hard on Monday (dry clean only!) I will wear them for my guest lecture.

today I think I will go to REI and continue to spend money that I do not have and thence on to the Ballard Art Walk with the ultimate destination of the Sunset Tavern for my first Rat City Rollergirls event!

depending on rate and extent of beer consumption tonight I believe I will head for Discovery Park tomorrow, by bus from downtown and may I just say that my hotel is so conveniently located between downtown and capitol hill that I feel like I am in the middle of everything. yesterday I walked downtown and back and then up to broadway and back.

while on broadway the shy eriktrips met up with the shy agoraphiliac and they had a most enjoyable conversation over beer and food at septieme.

immediate plan: shower, see if Cal/Washington game is on tv. ponder whom to cheer for and whether to leave hotel room.

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