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mr coffee

this could be the caffeine talking but I feel strangely happy this morning. there is no good reason for that except possibly for having not yet received a call from Sandy saying a cat is missing or sick or something. they only have to make it through about 30 more hours without me.

do I exaggerate my own importance in their little feline lives? probably. that and the illusion of control I harbor when at home. fact is anything could happen to any of us at any time. but at least if I am there I can do what I can to prevent undue suffering.

I think I might go to a cafe and read all afternoon. there must be one with free wireless on this side of broadway. because of course in order to read one must have an internet connection.

and I should, I suppose, ask about the hotel's airport shuttle for tomorrow. it would be the grown up thing to do although the bus which costs less than what I'd tip the driver leaves from only a block away and I wouldn't have to speak to anyone to catch it.


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