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we will all be lucky if I don't start snoring before the plane even gets here for us to board. last night after a liter of beer at septieme, having a great conversation with auditorium and running into johnnydarco, I found myself unable to fall asleep until about midnight and since I had to get up at 7:30 this morning I am nowhere near my daily sleep requirement. I've got two klonopin in me and keeping my eyes open requires a supreme act of will.

I have to say I'd rather my sedatives didn't knock me out as I do like looking down at the ground from above but I guess one can't have everything. what I'm wondering is how many places I will visit while nodding out. it's a little disorienting to be first one place then another and then after some head clearing recognizing that you are indeed on a plane.

I'm fairly certain that when I get home gods willing I will go directly to bed. santiago will have to wait a little to bug me to chase him around.

did you know that even having wireless doesn't make airports less boring?

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