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yesterday I was going to get up at 7 and go meditate but when the alarm went off I began hacking up lungs and sneezing out brains and decided to forget leaving bed for awhile. I slept it off and got up at 9 feeling for the most part somewhat better.

it's not being too bad a cold but it really didn't want to get up yesterday. I did manage to get a fair amount done just lying around the house though: papers graded, emails sent, books read, php learned etc. today will be more of the same.

when I awoke this morning I was dreaming that I was about to meet Richard Butler for a second time. I had tickets to a Psychedelic Furs show in some theater on the Ave (yes the one in Seattle's U District) and managed to ingratiate myself to a couple of "insiders" who hinted that they could get me backstage. why I woke up before any of this could happen I do not know. stupid unconscious.

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