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thanks a million

yeah it's a holiday today. I don't quite understand the significance of holidays except to the extent that I too get sucked into them. there isn't one holiday observed in the US that I actually feel much in the way of sentiment towards but the ones that were important when I was young tend to reverberate now in the don't you wish you were still naive enough to believe in this holiday sort of way. well I don't really but still I am not immune to the happy family hype of the winter holidays.

mostly though I find myself glad that I don't have to deal with family if I don't want to. I think it is infinitely preferable to be alone on a holiday than to be with the kind of family that makes you want to die. and because of my particular psychopathology I tend always to feel like dying even when I'm around that part of my family that has no problem with my "lifestyle." I could go into why this is but that sort of narrative is better left unwritten. save it for therapy.

may the day be mercifully short for those of you who find it painful.

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