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ok. I'm ready for the biggest shopping holiday of the year. got some coffee in me, going to take a shower and then arm myself with credit and venture out into the crowd at 5th and Market. I don't need anything of course but a trip through Macy's Men's is always interesting even if I don't get anything. I'd like to see what sorts of things they've stocked for the event.

thanksgiving dinner turned out really nice with U and friends except for a little dachshund-y dog who would not stop barking furiously at me. they put him in his crate and that calmed him down as long as I didn't look at him. I think it stressed his people out to have him being so antisocial but it didn't really bother me. he'd sneak over to sniff at my legs while I wasn't looking but if I noticed him he'd scurry back about six feet and then snarl and bark his head off. brave brave little dog.

what will I wear for my shopping trip? it has to be something that won't make me look hopelessly old in urban outfitters but not hopelessly baggy in kenneth cole. it's a fine line.

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