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it's fucking cold in here! 59F according to my little clock/thermometer and I can't turn on the space heater because it melts the obviously un-robust extension cord running into my room and although I bought a 15-amp cord (hoping the wall wiring is up to that..! but I've used the same space heater for a couple of years without burning the house down) in order to install it I have to somehow throw it over the bookshelves in the living room and then fish it out from underneath the french doors leading into my room and besides all that I'd be unplugging everything in my room which means restarting the modem and the router and if you don't do everything in the right order nothing works and I can never remember what the right order is so I have to look it up and always the modem instructions differ just enough from the router instructions that it takes a couple of different types of compromises to get them talking to each other and I'm not up for that kind of petty geekery right this minute.

the heat is on in the livingroom. it will never reach in here so I'm going out there. long live wireless!

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