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cold shower

the downside to having a beautiful and warm wool blanket? having to crawl out from underneath it in the morning. Santiago has figured out that under the blanket is warmer than on top of and I suspect he was pleasantly surprised by the added insulation last night. Jackson used to crawl under the covers but at some point he forgot it was possible or decided it was too scary under there or something. he's not the brightest but he is the sweetest.

to continue the minute reporting of our apartment climate, it was 52F when I awoke to S once more wandering around with no heat on. she may be insane. at least she was wearing a sweatshirt. and she had somehow managed to convince herself to take a shower--I won't be taking my clothes off until the heat has been on for an hour or so. yeah hot showers on cold days are nice but that unbearable moment prior to the transition from naked in a cold room to naked under steaming water is just too, well, unbearable. brr.

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