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I bought holiday cards although I am not sure why other than that I might be trying to send some kind of statement to my family with the Sierra Club "Season's Greetings" card. I did buy enough to send to friends so that could be something like fun so if you want one email me catdoc(at) your address and, if I don't know you well, your real name. even if we've been introduced. I am terrible terrible terrible with names.

all the usual people will be getting a card regardless. I didn't buy the bison in snow picture this year so you won't be able to tell it's from me right away. those of you in seattle whose houses I know how to get to, I probably don't know your actual address. email me.

disclaimer: I do not promise actually to get these things out. I especially don't promise to get them out before the first of the new year. but there is a good chance that if you give me your address you will eventually get a card commemorating winter 2004-05.

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