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the irony of perma press

last night I got my package from JCPenney containing a flannel shirt (not the perfect flannel shirt I've been looking for but pretty good) and a silk undershirt and this morning I received my Sierra Trading Post parcel containing a brown bear shirt and more silk undershirts. I'm liking the silk. I can sweat in it and it dries quickly, unlike cotton.

the bear shirt is I think supposed to be a hunting shirt or at least it is supposed to convey a wish to hunt and I'm also wearing these hunty boots with the funky little metatarsal kilties and I find myself wondering if I am wearing these items ironically and if so if I am making fun of hunty men. I mean at some level this outdoorsman gear just appeals to me because it is warm and comfortable and it makes me think of being out in the woods but at another level I realize I am donning the clothing of a certain type of person who, if thought of stereotypically, would probably be the type of person that would want to kill me if they knew the truth about me.

besides which of course I am not at all a proponent of the sort of desire that drives one out to track beautiful things and then shoot them dead. but it has occurred to me relatively recently that there is something very strange going on in the hunting ritual wherein one can make out an odd kind of assimilating and devouring love for that which one kills. it's something I almost understand but not quite. I don't really get why taking a camera and getting a good picture isn't as thrilling as slaughtering the object of your affection but I do understand the draw of being out there following it around and I do understand the degree of fascination almost up to that point where its object has to die.

anyway. I like the shirt except it is cotton and if you sweat like a horse like I do cotton is not the most comfortable fiber. it does concern me somewhat though that I am shopping at JCPenney now.

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