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crack of dawn

I'm up like a little kid at christmas. the only present under the tree is my new hard drive which I might install after Santiago has had his morning frenzy. having a staticky little cat land on your motherboard could be a heartbreaking affair.

if I fuck up the laptop for a few days I still have my old trusty desktop which really works very well considering its tremendous obsoleteness so you will see me here no matter what. the only difference is that I will be freezing in my room instead of huddled here all toasty by the livingroom heater.

am trying to figure out the best way to simply clone the old hard drive onto the new one. I bought also a firewire enclosure for the old drive and although it didn't come with anything like instructions I think it will be relatively easy to figure out but in any case at some point I should have the old drive sitting outside the powerbook with all the stuff that needs to be inside the powerbook. otherwise I could of course just reinstall everything but 1) the geeky fun quotient of that wore off years ago and 2) I would have to reconfigure Apache and Perl and reinstall MySQL and although that was fun to figure out once I'm not sure I want to take the time right now to figure it out again.

so maybe I should look for cloning software or instructions or something. I wonder what help might have to offer.

once I have the new hard drive in place I can start downloading open source software and joining the throngs of anarchist geeks worldwide.

this could be the best christmas ever!

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