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banner day

I just did some work on my dissertation. not a lot but some.

now if I can make a habit of this. did I mention my department is putting the screws on? if I don't finish by december they will put me on "lapsed" status which I don't fully comprehend but basically it means I can't register and if I finish my dissertation after becoming lapsed I have to petition for reinstatement which, they say, is not that difficult if it happens quickly.

I mean it could be much worse. they aren't going to kick me completely out or anything. and I had thought myself that if I am not at least very nearly done by december I should perhaps think about moving on.

but I don't want to do that. I want to finish. for once in my life. then I could go back to being a slacker artiste with a "PhD" after my name.

so anyway. I did some work today and that was the first time in a long time. wo0t. there is more going on but nothing I want to proclaim to the general internet public so I might filter something out a little later. I'm going to go do something else constructive first although I haven't decided which constructive thing to do. here are the things I want to do:

keep learning PHP
install new hard drive
fuck around with windoze
read poetry journals with an eye to determining what to submit to whom
read for job
post events for other job
get cracking on web site for third job

I don't think I can do all this this evening.

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