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early to bed

yes I am already back from the show. not only did the opening band go on promptly at eight but they were not allowed to play for more than 45 minutes and then the furs went on at 9:15.

9:15! why that's even earlier than Patti plays. it was all over by a quarter to 11 and it was so early I even felt perfectly safe walking all the way home.

but so Richard was happy to see me and I him and he looks really good! I don't know if he is eating better or exercising or what but he looks much better than he has the last couple of go rounds. I think maybe he got his teeth fixed too which made me feel like I should go and get mine fixed if doing that sort of thing makes such a big difference.

as usual I watched straight men almost come to blows over who was going to stand closest to Richard.

the set was for the most part made up unsuprisingly of the bouncier hits except for sister europe and sleep comes down which are not so bouncy. I wish they'd do some of the less happy tunes like should god forget or birdland or even torch but I suppose those aren't what the crowd wants to hear.

I'd also like it if they'd write a new song or two. every time they play I am never sure if they are getting back together to be a real band or if they're just playing Psychedelic Furs covers to pay the rent. I mean they seem to be enjoying themselves and they even fucked up a couple of times which was kind of charming so it wasn't dry and perfunctory but I'd still like to see what they would come up with now.

but it was one of the better shows they've done in the last little while. more energy and charisma than usual. I'm glad I got myself to stay up past my bedtime for it.

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