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What was the very first 45 you ever owned?
"Walk on the Wild Side," Lou Reed. my parents were alarmed at the "shaved her legs and then he was a she" line (this was the edited version with no mention of giving head or I'm sure they would have found that alarming too) but they let me keep the record.

What was the first 45 you bought with your own money?
same one. it was 69¢ at Grant's. this was before the advent of Turtles Records in the same strip mall.

What was the first LP, 8-track or cassette you bought?
LP: The Moody Blues, Seventh Sojourn
8-track: I never bought 8-tracks as by the time I had my own car they were obsolete.
cassette: really no idea. I rarely bought cassettes but have been making mix tapes since I was 12.

What was the first CD you ever bought?
don't remember

What was the first track you ever downloaded?
don't remember. I do know that it probably was 1998 and we did not have dsl yet.

What was the first bootleg record you ever owned?
never have owned a bootleg record.

What was the first radio station you ever really loved?
the college station (but which college? GA State?) WRAS, which put me in the "easy listening" camp of alternatypes. WREK (GA Tech) was for the hardcore obscurantists. these days I'd probably like it best.

What was the first DJ who influenced you?
whoever was the dj of "Pure Mania" on WRAS. this was the punk show that came on late at night but I don't remember what day.

What music/artist/band that you once enjoyed/had a crush on is the most embarrassing to admit to, nowadays?
Dan Fogelberg; I am no longer ashamed that I also loved John Denver. incidentally, the last song I downloaded was John Denver's "It Amazes Me," last night.

Favorite rock/music movie?
The Wall. I must have seen it at a million midnight showings when it first came out. this past summer I bought a copy of my own and actually cried while watching it but I think this was soon after a detox when my emotions were still a bit unsettled.

Favorite music video?
for the video itself: Ah-ha's "Take on Me"
for both music and video: Dinosaur Jr's "Little Fury Things"

What was the first big concert (held in a stadium-sized venue) you ever went to?
I'm sure it was John Denver at the Omni. Mom and Dad took me. I was very uncool there for awhile.

What was the first band you ever saw in a small, seedy club?
it was probably The Now Explosion at TV Dinner but I am not sure of this. it may have been Pylon at 688. chronology eludes me. hell, it could have been The Circle Jerks at 688. I have no idea when I first started driving down to the big big city but it was a magical time. I do know that I missed Echo and the Bunnymen at 688 because I did not yet have a car. sometime shortly after, I got a car and began seeing bands every friday and saturday night. it disturbs me now to realize that this all happened 25 years ago.

What was the first concert you bought your own tickets for?
if by "concert" you mean something other than show at small, seedy club, it may have been the Psychedelic Furs at Rumors. even that was relatively small. it could have been Public Image Ltd at the Agora but I can't remember which came first that winter. I'm fairly certain that until these shows, all of the bands I liked had been confined to small, seedy clubs.

Addenda, inspired by zyrc:

What was the first song you learned to play on guitar?
"Rocky Mountain High." it took about fifteen minutes to get through the song as my fingers learned how to make chords.

What was the first song you performed for more than 25 people?
John Denver's "Summer"; it was at a church retreat talent show and the hilarious thing about it now is that it was one of his standard nature-worshipping songs that made no mention of god whatsoever. it has a kind of buddhist flavor to it as well. always I've been a conduit for satanic forces, apparently.

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