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geek report

so yesterday C informed me that yes you can manage playlists directly on you ipod and after about an hour of fiddling I figured out how to do it and she asked me was I on drugs because I almost always know more about computery stuff than she does.

well I didn't answer that question.

in any case I deleted my itunes library and freed up 11GB on my 40GB hard drive so I think now I'm going to wait until I am feeling a little better to replace it with the 80GB drive that is sitting in the drawer. then if I wanted I could put all my music back on my laptop which is occasionally convenient like when I am traveling and don't want to have to hook up the ipod to listen to music out loud.

but so now it is not urgent that I change hard drives before the semester gets going really good as now I have lots of room to a: write the dissertation, b: update websites remotely, c: install more gratuitous programs. I bought an education copy of Microsoft Office for the windoze machine at an insanely low price and at the same time I bought Apple's iWork to see if I want to transfer the writing chores to its word processor. I already have a new copy of the latest DreamWeaver that I haven't gotten around to installing yet.

so many things I could do today to avoid real work.

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