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the dentist visit was anticlimactic: she took xrays, told me I needed a root canal, gave my rx's for antibiotics and pain meds, and some numbers to call for the root canal which I guess she doesn't do herself which is too bad because she was really really nice.

when I told her about my shameful dental care habits she just smiled and said that's ok we'll take care of things now.

of course taking care of things now means money in her pocket but still I think she was genuinely compassionate. I might keep going back as long as I can afford the work. in the meantime though I have to call a number and talk to a stranger about getting a root canal. fortunately it is a holiday weekend so I have three days to rehearse what I am going to say when the receptionist answers.

while waiting to see the dentist I was unwillingly caught up in a conversation with another client who, once I told her I was a student, started on about how she thinks that academic writing is elitism and snobbery of the worst sort at which point I gently explained that I was in a very snobby department myself and that complicated arguments can't always be explained in everyday terms. she grudgingly nodded and to be conciliatory I outlined my theory that the main problem with academic writing is that we all read too much french philosophy and literature in translation and thus use far too many fancy romance words when often a good germanic root is clearer and more concrete for readers of english.

but she annoyed me greatly. I mean would you walk up to a PhD candidate in Physics, say, and start complaining about how science and mathematics are "elitist" because the average person off the street can't understand the professional discourse in those disciplines?

of course not.

we humanities scholars get no respect I tell you.

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