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I am at school because yesterday before I left I forgot to pick up the exams that I needed to grade over the weekend. well really I have until next Friday but should have some done by Wednesday so the instructor and I can talk about them so I thought I should come on over and get them just in case the inspiration hit to begin early and avoid the last minute agonizing rush.

that and I guess I felt like walking in the pouring rain to BART and then walking in the pouring rain from BART and negotiating the crowds of young people who are here in Dwinelle for some sort of academic event but at least now I am burrowed into the office way upstairs behind three locked doors.

sounds like the kind of place I'd like to live in.

but so I won't be doing any grading now but some catch-up reading so I have some idea of what they might be talking about in their essays. then I should learn filemaker pro. can I do that in one day? surely.

also I have some catch-up bookkeeping to do re late papers and absent students and whatnot.

I know none of my friends have money either but just in case, zyrc is a friend of mine who also has no money whose dog got hit by a car day before yesterday. he is going to be fine but his leg requires repair and she is a full-time student scrambling to make ends meet so if you can find it in your heart to paypal her fifty cents, please do.

he's a great dog. big, fluffy, lovable, slightly stupid. he once stood behind me the whole way from seattle to san francisco.

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