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so the CA DMV says that if you renew your driver's license in person you have to take the written test again whereas you don't if you renew by mail or online but because the picture taken in 1999 has me looking about 16 and now I think I might look almost 30 and have been told by clerks selling me beer (ok I guess I look only 20 under some lights) that I no longer resemble the picture I went down there in person this morning for a new one.

last night and this morning was spent studying the online version of the 80-page CA Driver Handbook which is so well-transcribed it reads, in places, like this: "Do not drive through a safety zone, which is a space set aside Safety Zones are marked by dotted white lines Do not turn in front of light rail vehicles for pedestrians and marked by raised buttons or markers on a roadway." and in which it is clear that the people who make up laws pull numbers out of a hat just to confuse written test takers (is it 10mph in a school zone and 15mph around a stopped bus or vice versa? apparently you can merge into the bicycle lane 200ft before you turn right and you should signal 100ft before the intersection but I remember also reading about things you had to do within 300 and 400ft but I don't remember what and who the hell can estimate feet when they are driving anyway? windshields should have little yardsticks superimposed. did you know that a blind intersection is one in which you can't see at least 100ft each way when you are within 100ft of the intersection? but if it is a railroad crossing, it is blind if you can't see at least 400ft. last night I remember the numbers 35 and 210 having a lot to do with each other but I don't recall exactly what. it might take you 210ft to come to a stop if you are driving at 35mph but I am not sure of that).

anyway I do all this but when I get there they just take my money, my picture, and tell me thanks we'll send it in the mail. I was there for about 15 minutes which made the whole affair unexpectedly pleasant. the clerks were nice too. weird. maybe it was because my appointment was first thing this morning and they hadn't had time to get cranky yet.

I tried not to smile for my picture. we'll see how that turns out. I did make sure my moustache was straight or that is curled in symmetrical curls on each side but as lisagail so kindly pointed out to me last time I was up there, you can't really see it from more than six inches away anyway. no doubt the flash washed it right off my face. in any case they don't have a mirror in the photo line which they really should.

I have to grade exams now.

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