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minor geekitude

there was a time when installing more RAM was a mysterious and holy ritual performed with great reservation and fear of the static discharge and the owner's manuals warned you not to do it yourself unless you felt confident of what you were doing. now RAM comes in blister packs that say open your computer and plug me in. that's it. not even touch the power supply first.

there was also a time when installing more RAM made me inordinately proud of myself but now it is just a hassle unplugging everything and then plugging it all back in and will anyone ever solve the computer cable problem. but I do have to say that windoze xp is a million times faster with 768MB aboard and so it is all still very gratifying in the end.

on the other hand I keep getting these memory address errors randomly upon quitting this or that application. it was doing this yesterday too but not before that as far as I remember. I wonder if the RAM that came with the computer went bad. does RAM go bad? will it turn fuzzy and green if you leave it in the refrigerator for too long? or is something I've installed fucking with things? I've never had this problem on a mac. in fact I know my desktop has dicey RAM that routinely fails the start up test but once I can coax the machine into ignoring the problem it totters along fine on the big cheap unsupported sticks I put in it three years ago.

anyway startup doesn't take ten minutes anymore. and here I thought that was yet another sign of windows' inferiority. I humbly recant the nasty things I was thinking about it.

well. some of them. it is still a shame that the os doesn't come with a sticky note application or a windowshade feature. there is of course shareware for these but although I thought the windowshade was worth $15 I'm not so sure that sticky notes merit a $30 price tag. yeah someone has gone to the trouble of putting all these organizational features into the software but I don't need anything fancy. I just want a simple program that will put stickies on my desktop.

interestingly I can't name a single instance of Mac shareware that mimics a windows function or design. can you?

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