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no real news

up early to finish grading exams. had to put off root canal for this which is not entirely a bad thing but I will get it done later this week I promise. the dentist told me I have about three years before I will lose the tooth..

no really I will reschedule for wednesday if I can.

awoke at four this morning, got up and took care of the bodily needs that had awakened me, then tried to go back to sleep and thought I was not succeeding until suddenly the alarm woke me again. how does that happen? like I was lying there one second thinking when will I fall back asleep and then the next second I am waking up to the alarm.

every time I wake up I am lying on my back and Santiago is draped across my knees. is it any wonder that often I am dreaming of being unable to walk?

where is lisagail I wonder. she was online at 6am but not now.

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