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so the root canal was not such a big deal except that it took two hours and I got really really bored after he stopped drilling. while he was drilling I was kept alert by occasional stabs of pain but unlike the first time I had this tooth worked on whenever I said ow he managed to fix things so that I wouldn't have to say ow again.

thus. no endorphin rush. I asked afterwards if I could expect any pain and he said yes we will give you (::perk::) ibuprofen (::wilt::). feh. ibuprofen. hardly worth the effort.

I guess if they are going to be this nice to me I should get my teeth all fixed up but unfortunately my insurance maxes out at $1000 per year and we've blown through that already. I still have to get the crown so another big chunk of credit will go to that. well what's another thousand bucks in the hole.

as he started he told me to let him know if I felt any discomfort and had my mouth not been full of dental dams and appliances I would have asked physical or mental. as it was though I relaxed after the novocaine injection which for some reason is the freakiest part of the whole procedure for me. drilling sounds and smoke coming out of my mouth? no big deal. but I hate seeing that needle headed for my jaw.

his office is on the fifteenth floor of a brick building. of course the first thing I thought was I wonder if this building is seismically sound?

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