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line of duty

uh oh.

in order to finish putting together the reading list for the Art Institute class I need to go to the bookstore to decide what Joyce to use (I know I do not want to use A Portrait of the Artist) and to buy a new copy of A Thousand Plateaus which has somehow vanished from my bookshelf. how could anyone lose a book that big?

I wonder if C has it. I should just let her keep it. except it might have some amusing notes from my late adolescence in the margins.

I'm doing work. it's just that I started with the least painful of all the things I have to do. nothing wrong with that.

this is the first time in a while that work has driven me to the bookstore. I forgot how virtuous it felt to be planning a shopping trip whose aim is to procure work materials.

note to self: while out, buy new brita filters. I can't even remember the last time I changed it and I don't think Sandy's been changing it and the water tastes a bit overchlorinated these days.

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