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window shopping turns up that old navy's men's selection for spring is ugly ugly ugly. see I knew I didn't really want to go in there since I try not to shop there more than every other year or so but I was not prepared to be assaulted by cheap bermudas and cheaper flipflops and an endless selection of horrid small check plaid short sleeved shirts. two items of clothing that I would just as soon never have to look at again are the horrid small check plaid short sleeved shirt and the out of control wildly proliferating and mutating bowling style sneakery looking casual shoe.

I remember in fourth grade when everyone started wearing earth shoes and at first I thought they were ugly and that I would never want a pair but after a few months and a certain market saturation I decided that they didn't look so bad after all and I bugged mom for a pair. I got them and felt cool.

that isn't going to happen with the out of control wildly proliferating and mutating bowling style sneakery looking casual shoe.


dear shoe designers: time to move on.

mostly I went out looking today for an over-the-shoulder book and laptop bag not only because lisagail has one and I want to be as cool as she is and not only because undergrads carry backpacks whereas the mature grad student carries a messenger bag and I've decided to grow up into one but primarily because it struck me the other day that carrying a backpack only exacerbates the excessive sweating problem as it sits there on your back allowing no air to get in and no water to get out so that when you finally do get to put your books down you look like a race horse at the end of the derby. I was pondering why it was better that I did not bring along my bookbag even though I had stuff to carry but it was warm out so I knew it would just get all saturated with sweat and suddenly the draw of a shoulder bag became clear.

didn't find many. might go back to the apple store's vast selection of two as one of the two might actually do nicely. but the highlight of the day was having a tall handsome macys salesperson wave his arms to get my attention away from my ipod so that he could ask me where I got my fabulous hat.


urban outfitters I said. and then I quietly glowed to myself thinking I have taste! I have taste!

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