Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

takin care of business

I got this swiss army bag which according to the victorinox website is worth about twice as much as I paid for it after cashing in my REI dividend and 20% discount. I felt so hiply grown up wearing my fedora and toting my new briefcase down Bryant Street. ok the fedora isn't exactly grown up except insofar as it is a hat and I bought it for myself after trying it on in the store and to me that is a very grown up thing to do.

why I almost bought an umbrella to go in the little compartment on the side that is apparently designed just to hold an umbrella but then I thought wait let's not act rashly. am umbrella might be more grown up than I am prepared for at this moment. it got me to thinkign about umbrellas though and how whenever a drop or two of rain falls here everyone opens their umbrellas and the first time I saw a sea of umbrellas I thought I had moved back to the east coast. apparently it is only in seattle that no one owns an umbrella.

so now I am all excited to take my new bag with all its little compartments with me to school on Monday. if the weather is warm I will wear my fedora. I'm thinking you see that if I start doing those things I suppose adults do then the prospect of finishing my dissertation won't be so frightening. if funky fedoras and fancy bags are what adulthood is all about then maybe I can handle it.

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