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swing shift

8am get up
8:02am drink coffee
8:30am do stuff
9am get dressed
9:30am leave house
10am-12:30pm do stuff
1pm return home
1:30pm-7pm sleep
7:02pm have coffee wondering when exactly the body was thinking of sleeping tonight or if this was it.

I guess while all y'all are sleeping like good little diurnal creatures I will be up trying to get some stuff done that I didn't get done over spring break like grade all the papers and work on dissertation and shit. I don't mind this really and there are few distractions late at night (can't for instance grab my credit cards and run to macys although there is still always for shoes) but I would sort of like it if the body would decide on one schedule or another. awake for six/sleep for six isn't bad I suppose. that's not exactly how it worked but until I have a job that requires I keep certain hours I don't guess I have to worry really.

so if I am up till 3 and then sleep till 9 I will make my 11am appointment in the morning. being where you are supposed to be is important.

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