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having slept through most of the day I told myself I must do work while awake no matter when that wakefulness occurred so I've been grading papers and it is still going very very slowly and I hope that they at least appreciate the time I am taking with them even though I am late getting them done.

but I don't think that up until now I had ever graded a paper at 1am. seeing the day through in the middle of the night gives one a special feeling as though one is special for keeping watch when your half of the earth is asleep. someone has to stay up and make sure everything goes ok and I guess this week it is my job.

if I'm up like this tomorrow night I might do laundry after I grade papers. the new laundromat at the end of the block is open 24 hours and is discounted from midnight to 6am. I'm not sure I want to wheel my laundry down Mission Street in the middle of the night but really it's just around the corner so I wouldn't be wheeling very far.

you know I have no idea what I will be doing or where I will be doing it a year from now. this bothers me some.

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