Erik (eriktrips) wrote,


this was supposed to be a certain autobiography and so it shall be i suppose. it will be story number two or at times maybe two and a half since i am thinking of launching story number three from within it.

i have a friend, the very k whose call i am awaiting, who has suggested to me that i write an account of What It Is Like and that i do it in reasonably easy to decipher prose rather than in that garbled poetic voice i am so fond of.

so i have started it now about three times and each time it doesn't do what i want it to do so i leave that file to languish on my hard drive and i am thinking maybe i could start it again here and then extract it later from what that which should properly be here and only here.

the question is whether to start it today or get myself dressed and out of the house now that the sun is shining a little and i am feeling somewhat underfoot here.

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