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ah the thrill of the hunt. I have been tracking down titles on postmodern ethics all morning and afternoon and am now ready to go to the bookstores and library plus I've got a bunch of pdf files sitting on the laptop waiting for perusal. I love this part. reading what I find? eh.

one thing though is that (post)modern life has made it such that the hunt itself only lasts a few seconds as I sift through online journal databases for the many articles located with online search engines and almost always find what I am lookng for within a few clicks. oh and can windows do this?: when I want to download a copy of the article and it is not sitting on their server as a pdf, all I have to do is "print" the browser page and choose "save as pdf." that's it. I get a neat little .pdf of the page, which in most cases is the entire article, rather than a printed hard copy.

I ::heart:: OS X.

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