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I wanted today to be a day off but then I remembered I had to comment on a whole bunch of students' intro paragraphs so I've done that and now it is well into the day and I can either keep working or I can take the rest of the day off and then do work after my dentist appointment in the morning. thinking about taking the day off does not make me happy for some reason and thinking of working makes me feel kind of good about myself so I dunno.

I guess I could read one more chapter of Remnants of Auschwitz and get annoyed with Agamben when he keeps trying to resurrect an absolute subject after the collapse of language. I hate having to argue with someone I generally agree with but those damn europeans with all their professed agnosticism seem to have the hardest time forgetting about their monotheistic aspirations of past centuries.

but I can't quite figure out why I do not want to take the rest of the afternoon off. I could shop. I could play with computers. but I feel so virtuously productive when I am productive and I've been so productive this week that I do not want all the good feelings to stop.

this makes me an addict, doesn't it. there is a style emerging here, isn't there.

it also occurs to me that the semester is almost over and soon I will be grading papers and then I will be grading exams and after that I will be tallying grade totals and by then it will be time for the first half of summer term when I will be TA'ing for the same person I am reading for now and since it is a freshman composition course crammed into six weeks I will pretty much be doing nothing but grading papers from the middle of this month until July so if there is any hope of getting my own work done in the near future it kind of needs to be now.

sigh. ok. Agamben it is. I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow as a day that begins with a dentist appointment can only just barely be considered a day off no matter what comes after. I should look after my need for downtime, though, since we get papers starting tomorrow night at 9pm. suddenly work will not be so inviting then, I predict.

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