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I'm having a weekend like everyone else. after working for seven days straight I am simply not allowing myself to do any work until monday. this makes me happy.

I will wash my dishes and then I will clean the dish drain and then I will sweep the kitchen and the hallway and then maybe I will do a little rearranging of my room and then I will put that chair up for sale on ebay already so that I can pay some of my bills. I didn't get paid yesterday like I was expecting to so I don't know if my timesheets got turned in on time and they were for two months' worth of work and if I don't see that money till next month I'll be eating dust for the next little while.

why is it in the computer age that it takes two weeks for them to process paychecks? I guess with thousands of employees it just takes that long but still. it's all electronic now no printing of anything so you'd think it could happen a little more quickly than it used to.

once the above is done I will play with a computer as that is what I want to do.

my dissertation is actually going somewhere just lately which is kind of frightening and gratifying at the same time. sometimes I think I could sit down and make up the whole thing from off the top of my head but they say you are supposed to research your dissertation but when I read "properly" researched dissertations I want to sleep. I mean yeah I'm always going to using the ideas of others but to be honest it doesn't matter that much to me what anyone else is saying about Agamben, for instance, because it probably won't change what I'm thinking about him although it might give me something to react to which if nothing else is always good for a few pages of looking like you are engaged in a conversation with someone besides your primary texts.

the bottom line is that I'm not really sure to what extent I'm supposed to engage with secondary texts. I should ask, perhaps. I mean taking a month to research the current state of postmodern ethical thought so that I can in one sentence say whether or not anyone else is thinking the same things I am seems somewhat inefficient but if I am supposed actually to take them on and say something about them then it could be worth the time but only if I can do so in a poetic and productive way as I'm not that interested in pointing out who I think is wrong.

I might not know the answer to this question until I read a few articles. but not right now!

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