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thanks to mactavish for pointing out the text of a speech given by Bill Moyers on the delusional environmental policies of the Bush administration.

when I have money I throw it at as many lefty political action groups as possible and I hope everyone out there does the same or contributes time and energy in other ways. the emphasis always seems to be on the erosion of civil rights, which worries me too, but the assault on the environment by religious fanatics--whose interpretations of scripture just happen to be conveniently profitable for the exploitative corporations who back them--is every bit as obscene.

I've been on the inside of this. people really do believe that god is going to give us a new earth and that environmental catastrophe would simply signal jesus' second coming. they won't even entertain the possibility that they might be wrong and that it might be prudent to act as though we need to pass on a habitable planet to the next generation. not only do they not believe there will be a next generation, but they believe that environmental degradation is god's will and command.

they're nuts. and they're running the show right now. am I being an alarmist? then calm me down. please.

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