Erik (eriktrips) wrote,

with this dissertation I will be like Stephen Morris, up on the roof drumming until dawn because Mr Hannett told me to drum and never told me when to stop.

I write these bits and throw them on the page as though throwing them into a voracious pit where they dwindle and dwindle and then vanish in some infinite perspective that will be impossible to fill. I don't expect them to take up any consequential space--certainly they can't really be parts of a dissertation. I could never write one of those. This is just me spewing off into space and I have ten pages with hardly any cited passages on them. I don't know if this is how a dissertation is supposed to go but in a minute I'm going to write some tangled piece about Levinas and Agamben and shame and fuck me if I even know when I'm going to get to Deleuze but I must in order then to go on to Gertrude Stein. she and he on the happy linguistic side of things, Levinas and Agamben in the gloom of the flesh and all it can suffer.

must remember to make them meet.

a chapter. how long is it supposed to be. will this take the rest of my life.

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