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saturday school

up to go proctor the final exam for all our fine students in The Rhetoric of the Novel. I don't envy them this week of acute stress and I was very very happy to take my last final exam ever some years ago. amazingly, there are some things from exams past that I actually remember past trying to cram them all in--roughly when Kandinsky painted "the first" abstract painting, the formula for the amount of force required to accelerate an object of given mass (in a frictionless environment, of course, but this was high school after all), avagadro's number or something really close to it: 6.somethingsomething times 10 to the 23rd power. (that was avagadro, right? or do I have avocado on the brain?)

I don't remember anything about quadratic equations, though. I've quite forgotten who besides Braque and Picasso were cubists. I don't remember what year that St Theresa sculpture was done. it was Bernini, though, wasn't it?

well the questions on this exam are not hard I don't think but they didn't do so well on the midterm and we thought the questions were straightforward so we'll see. I am hoping I can trust them not to cheat during those moments that I know I will have to leave the room to pee.

yeah. all I have to do this year is write 200 pages or so on a single topic.

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