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early to bed but not wealthy yet. what's the deal.

going to bed at 7:30 worked so well last night that I think I might do it again tonight! other than my natural proclivity for sleeping unnatural amounts one thing that might be driving this fatigue is the little sinusy-throaty action I've got going today.

yesterday there was a fracas regarding my summer job which starts monday wherein we were uncertain if I had that job. it all worked out but I had to play the bunny card even though S is really responsible for the bunnies. tell the person in charge of the purse strings at your office that bunnies depend upon you for sustenance and you just might get what you want.

yeah I don't know if it was the bunnies. I think it might just be my nice guy face. in any case by the end of the day I was securely employed so this little poverty cycle is almost over. I might have to get creative in credit card payment this month though--if I transfer balances all round I only have to actually pay one bill, right?

say when is fantagraphics putting out the next Peanuts volume? speaking of bedtime reading.

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