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oh for crying out loud. I go to school today and take the exams with me because I will not waste two hours on BART in the middle of the day so I sat and graded a bunch and then though well I'm done with these! and left them in my box at school.

but I forgot to record the grades.


now I have to go back and get them tomorrow so we can actually finish the grades. this means I should get up early again and although the going to bed at 7:30 is resulting in being able to get up before 8am without much trauma I miss my evening play time.

on the other hand most of my really horrific dreams seem to occur between 8am and noon so getting up early is short circuiting horror for mere annoyance. you know I think it's been about eight years since I actually had a Good Dream. the kind you wake up from with regret instead of relief.

in miscellaneous news, these things seem actually to work. meds are making for queasy BART trips but I got a pair of these the other day and I'm no longer green to the gills upon arriving home. I don't know that I should try to read with them on but staring straight out the window while wearing them is better than staring straight out the window while not wearing them. take note.

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