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24 hours

the grading is done. or at least I think I've done my part and now K gets to take care of the rest. our students were clamoring for their grades the moment the final was over so certainly she is being inundated by now. they don't seem to understand that It Takes Time.

that said, in order to expedite the process I did find myself only reading until they got the answer and then I'd give them their points and move on. the only answers I read in full were those that weren't right. which is a shame as some of them worked way too hard on the answers and wrote beautiful paragraphs where we had asked for a sentence and beautiful essays where we had asked for a short paragraph but what can you do. if I took the time to read every word they wrote I'd still be at it.

so if you are still on the student end of this, keep in mind that especially on exams, once you've given the answer, anything else you write is likely to be a waste unless your instructor/reader has the rest of her/his life to grade the exam.

I mean I did take note of the overly thorough answers and I patted the students on the head for working so hard but I really did not have time to read them closely.

but so now I have a day off and the sun is shining and the birds are singing and everything I can think of to do is an indoor activity. except for buy cat litter. which isn't exactly a leisure activity.

perhaps after changing the cat boxes I will work on my poet career. my advisor Lyn gave me a list of journal editors whom she knows and with whom she might have some pull and suggested I send my stuff there with a "Lyn sent me" tag and I never got around to excerpting anything for submission so I ought to go find that list and look in the journals and see what sort of excerpt might be the most appropriate for each one for since I am writing four autobiographies at once could be a question. (the fourth is my dissertation I've decided although who knows if I'd ever be able to get it published between the same covers as the other three.)

first though: take pills.

mmmmm. piiiillllllls.

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