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I picked up my package from the post office and I picked up new cat litter and a few mousie toys because I hid the last ones I bought and can't remember where I hid them (Santiago will locate them and carry the whole bag around the house if I don't put them in a drawer or closet HE IS SO DAMNED CUTE!!) and I changed the litter while sweating like a racehorse right into their litterboxes but I use that crystal litter stuff and it just soaked up all the sweat. when I sweat now it drips off my body. every medication I get put on seems to make the problem worse. one more pill and I'm going to have to carry myself around in a cup.

what am I going to do about this sweating? if I wear only one shirt then the shirt gets soaked and since most of my shirts are cotton they cling uncomfortably when wet and take forever to dry. if I wear a silk shirt under my regular shirt it sops up the sweat and does not cling and dries quickly but it also insulates so it makes me sweat that much more but on the other hand once I am soaking wet the silk will still insulate me whereas the cotton won't and as you might or might not know the weather here is mild and breezy this time of year so you can go out in your shirtsleeves but if they get wet you're gonna freeze.

I bought a small collection of silk short sleeved tees so that at least I wouldn't be trying to stay cool in long sleeves but I don't know how long into the heat I should wear them. at some point it gets hot enough out there that you don't get cold when the wind blows. I guess at that point I don't need the insulation of silk.

this would be two days in october, I think. the shirts I bought claim to be machine washable. I wonder if it is true. I wear them every day now and must hand wash some of the older longsleeved ones. I feel like I'm ritually cleansing my mormon underwear. it's oddly calming to stir your wet garments in the sink. a little baptism. I guess my underwear won't be going to hell with me.

but what I meant to say was I'm home from running my errands and it is not yet 1pm and I am free to do anything at all that I want to do so I have to decide between all sorts of interesting things and isn't this a change from those days when nothing was interesting and the only way to get time to pass was to go to bed. I hope this phase lasts.

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