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I could:

go through that suitcase of old clothes I've never gotten around to putting out on the sidewalk, taking pictures and putting them up for sale on ebay. anyone ever able to sell clothes on ebay? I would take pretty much any price.

go through bag of shoes and " " " " " " " " " " etc

finish iTunes skin, post it somewhere and ask people to paypal me donations if they like it and use it.

make other fun and interesting things for tweaking Mac interfaces and giving them away with similar request for donations.

play guitar
play bass

build one of many lego sets I have bought but haven't yet built

figure out if I can get my passport with a birth certificate with old name and gender and current ID with new name and gender or if I need to spend $200 and get a court-ordered name change. I don't know where to begin to ask. how do people get passports? do you go straight to the government or use one of those services? I'm thinking about this because while in the post office I noticed that you can apply for a passport there but you have to make an appointment. I wonder if I made an appointment and showed up with my mismatched documentation would they laugh at me.

organize photos and post new ones at smugmug

fiddle with ramshackle run-down website. I don't even think I've updated my age and I've been this old since January.

write a few things here or elsewhere

work on poet career

while away the time doing nothing but wondering what to do then feeling crappy for letting the day slip away. must avoid this last.

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