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it's difficult to figure out why but going to bed when it is still light and warm out feels really nice. I can't decide if this is because I feel like I am going to get a leg up on all of you by going to bed early and getting up early--but that can't be it since the "early" I am able to do thanks to sleeping at dusk is just about the same time the rest of you 10-and-later bedtime folks get up normally. I like lying down in just my shorts on top of the covers and letting the air around me keep me warm as I nod off. I like that when I wake up at 3 from some terrible dream I know that by the next go round it will probably be time to get up.

I do know that I am happy to be able to skip that nasty drugged-feeling sleep of 8 to 11am where I wake up repeatedly but cannot get myself out of bed so then I dream of wanting to wake up to get out of bed and then I dream of waking up and I do this over and over until I wake up but I can't keep my eyes open so I go back to sleep and do it all again. that's about the least restful kind of sleep a body can get. complete waste of time.

maybe it's that feeling of going to bed when everyone is still up to watch over things and it reminds me of those summertimes when we were too little to stay up and we had to go to bed while it was still light and although we protested, the falling asleep in daylight was oddly comforting like you don't have that anxiety that the whole city is abandoning the world to let it run on its own recognizance until morning. granted that happens some time after I am already asleep but by that time I am already asleep and not feeling anxious about waking life things.

last night I dreamed that sinkholes and mudslides were randomly taking out houses and killing the occupants. and that for some reason we had to reconnoiter on the edges of these things hoping they would not collapse and kill us. I've dreamed an alarming number of deaths just lately. I wouldn't take it as a sign though--I've been having funky dreams since 1997 and so far no apocalypse. I will knock hard on my wooden head for that statement especially given the nimrods in the administration who think it is god's will that they hurry the apocalypse up.

anyway. as I was saying. I encourage you to place bets on when I will wake up in the morning.

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