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I meant to get up an hour ago to grade their homework. I won't mention what time I went to bed but suffice it to say I shouldn't have had a problem getting up an hour ago but what can you do when you hit snooze once and then the next thing you remember it is an hour later and you are still hitting snooze. perhaps I should put my clock at the foot of my bed so I can't turn it off in my sleep.

mostly I am writing to wonder what to wear. I've become such a clotheshorse I was thinking the other day that I bet I could wear something different every day for this short six-week term. we meet three days a week so that would be 18 unique outfits and if it counted to wear the same pants with a different shirt I bet I could do it. the trick though is not to wear all my favorite items the first couple of weeks.

there is also weather to think about. today the forecast says "fog" so I could probably get away with flannel. I think I will start by putting on brown corduroys when I get out of the shower. then what.

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