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one odd side effect of the buprenorphine seems to be that I can't not work. either that or this anxiety would have arisen about now anyway, but I want to take today off because I'm going to be working like a dog starting tomorrow through next Thursday but I seem to feel bad that I might not do any dissertation work today.

it doesn't help that I've not done much dissertation work the past few days as I've been getting used to the new summer session rhythm. next week I am determined that that will change back to getting a little done every day.

but what about today.

perhaps I will do some dissertation work and then go shopping. this could be the win-win solution. I should also grade their homework though since tomorrow morning I will get a bunch of essays to grade via email and I have to have all of it done by tuesday. so we're looking at at least three hours of real work before I can proclaim afternoon off but since I got up relatively early perhaps it won't be as painful to get a little time in.


first get dressed. I cannot work in my pajamas.

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