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no rules

it's carnavale out there.

no seriously. a parade and everything. I don't really get the whole parade down mission street thing but some people think it is fun.

I have to write. if I don't write I will feel like shit. I'm not sure that this is the best way to go about writing one's dissertation but on the other hand I do get a kind of pleasure out of it whilst writing and immediately after.

so I have to write a lead-in about articulation and hi there kitty and american pragmatism as my second love after Nietzsche and Beckett. ok I guess that would be third love. and it's not really true as there are many things I like better than american pragmatism now but for awhile we had quite the romance. I might one day pick up Peirce again but right now I have to soothe my jones for Agamben and Levinas and Deleuze and weird poetry. yes that would be Stein. I could write 1000 pages on Stein. I should, I suppose, start with about 50.

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