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I have 27 pages of chapter two.
I have barely cleared my throat.
the missing transitional devices alone will account for at least three pages apiece and so far I need about five of them.

today I have graded papers and written a bit and in a minute I will read some but really I want to go shopping but really I want a scanner and an lcd monitor but I don't really have the money but maybe I could buy clothing instead which isn't quite expensive as technology but I would need to sell some of the clothes I already own and that damn chair never did sell on ebay or craigslist. the highest bid I got was $50 which was below my reserve so nothing doing. fucking thing cost me $300 and I've never even taken it out of the box. how the hell did they get me to pay that much for it?

can anyone tell me if it is better to organize your photos with Adobe Bridge rather than iPhoto? I don't really care for iPhoto but it seems to be the only game in town for those with 1000s of digital photos. if I start using Bridge will I be sorry if it rearranges my iPhoto libraries?

I should take the camera out. it's been awhile. maybe I should walk down the street and catch up with the carnivale parade.

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