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oh so shallow am I

I have already lost track of what I've worn so far. did I wear the flowered shirt last week? damn. I really like the flowered shirt. did I wear it already? can I not wear it again until July? damn.

on other news, I get to wear my linen shirt tomorrow. the weather is looking promising for airy light materials and since it is after memorial day I can wear white!

..or is that easter?

oh. who can keep track of this stuff. lisagail thinks I should learn spreadsheet and database programs because they are "fun" but I keep telling her I have nothing to database. maybe though I could database my clothes and draw relations between, say, all the brown things and all the light blue things, and correlate everything to different weather conditions so I would know immediately what I should wear simply by choosing one color and, say, "rain."

it's just fun you know. I hated dressing up this body for many years and so it is easy to get carried away now. the first real paycheck I get--should I ever get one--is going for a really really nice suit. because one of these days I'm going to be in a situation where I wished I had one. just not yet.

ok. as you can see it is past my bedtime.

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