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freedom to sleep

I'm pooped.

the first hour and a half of class today was a writing workshop led by Me. not that big of a deal bit it did take some preparation and I had to like finish grading their papers yesterday and then read a whole bunch of stuff so I've pretty much been working on class since yesterday morning.

tomorrow we do the rest of the workshop because naturally I found way too much to talk about for just one class but I'm pretty much already prepared so tomorrow morning I might actually get to shower! I could shower now but that would involve standing up and I just don't have it in me.

this morning instead of turning snooze off in my sleep I just turned the whole alarm off the first time it rang and then went back to sleep. I do remember doing this thinking for some reason that this was the correct thing to do. an hour later I woke up spontaneously and said wtf? the ways my mind and body conspire to keep me in bed for outrageous amounts of time.

I'm thinking if I crawl up there now and read my new mutts collection I will fall asleep in time to be able actually to get out of bed at 6:30. this is a little absurd I realize but I don't know how else to get the sleep my body demands and still get things done.

did I mention this quote from Marcuse that made me wonder why I didn't read him back in the 80s when I hated wage work even more than I do now?:

"Freedom of enterprise was from the beginning not altogether a blessing. As the liberty to work or to starve, it spelled toil, insecurity, and fear for the vast majority of the population. If the individual were no longer compelled to prove himself on the market, as a free economic subject, the disappearance of this kind of freedom would be one of the greatest achievements of civilization."


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