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creative bill paying

I don't know whose idea it was to make payday for summer term the 8th of the month. people want money from me the first of the month! do you ever take turns as to whom you pay late each go round? this month I'm actually going to be a little late with the rent, which never happens. this will enable me to pay some other bills on time because until I actually get paid I can't do both.

my therapist has been letting me run a tab since april. she's so nice. of course she is also being a bit slow getting the paperwork done that I need to file this year's insurance claims so in a way it's not just my fault that I can't pay her. I should be getting back a few thousand dollars once the claim is submitted. well of course they will decide that a reasonable charge is about half of what any therapist anywhere would really charge and then they'll pay a percentage of that so who knows how much they will actually pay. why are insurance companies allowed to decide that the fair price is far below real prices? much as I'd like not to have to pay more than they specify for medical needs their "customary fee" is entirely imaginary and this should not be allowed.

if I were king of the world.

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