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2 down, 7 to go

so Santiago falls out of a window last night.

this little guy keeps us on our toes.

we have those adjustable window screens that you get when you live in an apartment and can't actually install screens and I've been using these sorts of screens for decades to keep cats from falling out of windows and Santiago manages somehow to knock one of these out of a window and then himself after it.

I was asleep (and had been since 7:30!) when his yowling outside woke me up and Sandy ran out and got him and told me she heard something fall out of the window in the pet room and when he started crying it became obvious what it was. so first I think well in the morning I'll take him in but then my inner vet technician came online and said what about internal injuries so I call the emergency vet, get a car, and drive him out to the avenues for a looksee.

they said he was fine, took a picture of his entire little body and found nothing broken or otherwise askew, noted as I had that his color was good, and I brought him back home where he struggled for a couple of hours to get comfortable before finally falling asleep.

he's still sleeping but I'm going to have to disturb him in a minute and make him walk so I know whether to take him to my regular vet today for a closer look at the leg. he wasn't putting weight on his left rear last night and it seemed to be what was bothering him the most.

his first year on earth has been an adventure. I hesitate to think what a lifetime pattern of this is going to look like.

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