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the vet next door

well so I walked Santiago the two blocks to the vet and he is now there waiting for a little sedation so they can take good stretched-out pics of his legs. he will be fine; it's just a matter of finding out how much we need to do for him.

so that was relatively easy. for me, anyway. I sweat a gallon just carrying him over there. I really don't know why my whole body doesn't up and evaporate. one of these days it will.

he has to stay all day. which I'm sure he won't be happy about but he's a charming and amiable little fellow so he'll make some friends during the time he's not anesthetized.

me I think I'm going to take the day off. this teaching gig really doesn't allow me to do a whole hell of a lot of my own work but I have to have one day off a week. last weekend I was able both to grade papers and to write so hopefully this weekend will be the same. their papers are due at 9am tomorrow. in the meantime I'm not sure what to do with myself but there are as always about a million possibilities including sitting here and writing stuff that has little to do with school. haven't done that in awhile. I've been commissioned to write a piece on war for a reading at school in the fall and have some ideas that I should start trying out.

I could "catch up on lj," too, whatever that means. on class days I barely have time to skim everyone. but skim I do although I am too harried to have much to say. so you can count me as part of your audience if only in a ghostly spectatorial way.

I think I might go up to the haight to look at rings. for some reason it strikes me that that would be the neighborhood for cheap and funky sterling silver rings. I feel the need for a ring or two. now that I'm a boy I can be all girly, right?

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