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cat report

he woke from his opium-induced slumber to eat a little and purr so I think he is going to be ok. still won't put weight on his left front foot but they assure me nothing is broken or torn so he must have jammed his little fingers or something.

so I feel somewhat better myself although am not into the burrito tonight. which itself might be cause for great alarm but in a little while I am going to go to the store to see what sort of relatively bland food might be on offer. I don't do bland very often so I am not sure how to approach it. should I get a potato? a loaf of bread? maybe all I really want is a bowl of cereal. that can be enormously soothing all on its own.

the question is what exactly to do with the rest of the afternoon and evening. there are a number of things I could learn most of them having to do with computers or guitars. will it be photoshop or windows xp? I know some about both of these but I can't, for instance, create a polished metal texture at will or guess under which of fifteen million preference panes a particular setting might be. something tells me that a book could help me with the former but that for the latter there is no method precisely because there is no method.

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